Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Though I Pray My Sins Still Gather:

Though I pray
and though I recite the holy quran to cleanse my soul
and every night though I cry for the dead and the fallen
Eternally I stand to struggle against he who gathers souls to fuel the fire.

And he tries and I cry
Because I dont want to end up in his place

Musa (A.S) tried, and he parted the sea
But yet they still disbelieved

And Yusuf spent years in prison
And though he did not go near her
they placed him in that hole and beat him raw
And while his father Yacqub cried and cried till he went blind
His sons placed their little brother in jeopardy

Because Allah(S.W.A) is merciful people around the world live in ease,
I stand before you a woman who he has blessed with a family who loves her
Yet every second of my life I must fight
and struggle against my very own soul

And though Prophet Muhamed(S.A.W) took that night journey
And he witnessed the flames
and though he failed to laugh from that point
with sadness he cried for his people

Yet here we are night and day engulfed in sin
Our ears here the melody and our body moves to the beat
And while shes my best-friend
My tongue still lashes and I readily stab her in the back
without a moments hesitation or kindness

Though Aisha (R.A) the scholar taught the culamah, of the prophets time
And though her kindness and intelligence far surpassed
Any woman of todays time
And her beauty coverd from the world to see
My sisters in Islam walk about with their chest showing
No modesty to speak of
Where has her hijab gone?
Why does her mother cry for her daughters mortality?
Because she lies with men, her legs open
and her heart closed

And Abubakar As-Sidiq was the truthful one
The Prophet Muhamed (S.A.W) proclaimed him
to be the leader of our Ummah after he past away
His honest soul laid bare for the world to see
And even animals felt his kindess
And my heart bleeds only to go back
In time to stay with the Prophet and his Caliphas
But yet why does my brother emulate that man who is destined for Jahanam?
With his pants draging to the ground and his heart heavy as stone
He fails to stand as a leader to his people
When even salat is to much to ask for
With his heart heavy as stone he destroys his families name
By shooting that last bullet, and now he lays in the grave
His mortality a question we cannot answer....

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