Sunday, November 21, 2010

I am She-wolf hear my cry!

I am struggling, drowning in my despair and pain…
I stand before you, a Somali young woman…
whose howl of pain cries through the streets at night.
A proud she-wolf snarling her way through unforgiving walls…

I was born an innocent child
to a beautiful, Somali mother
born happy and free
always forever, happy and free…

But on that one fateful night my innocene was ripped to shreds
By that man whose name I forget…that monster who tippytoed to my bed
Left me torn into pieces…drops of blood on my sheets
that monster under my bed…always a figment of my immagination…
that night he came to life and tore through me…
I never knew that one moment
suspended in time forever
forzen like ice pebbles
on cold winter nights
could define me forever…

Time dwindles on…
pain resonates through minutes, into hours
and now become years…
my country becomes torn by war
by men whose goal in life is to profit from death
the blood of children and women run through rivers
a piercing screem howls in the wind
a struggle for power and money
I ran with my child under my breast with the clothes on my back
and screams of horror like blood stains on my face

My child…
my only reason for life, this bundle of joy whose heartbeat rings through my soul
as musical as wind chimes it brings me happiness…
A single ray of light shines like a beacon through my nightmares
It is hope personified, a smile on my face, a way to freedom
It is a place called Canada…what a funny sound that word makes
It is freedom and hope wrapped as a precious gift from god…
Tick tock…tick tock…tick tock
I wait
and wait
anyday now my lawyer waits for papers
simple papers whored from trees that will define my existence
anyday now…
hope awaits…

hope awaits for the foolish
locked away like a bird in a cage
a freedom song it sings in its desperate atempt to escape
but like a stupid bird I was fooled with false promises of freedom
false hope of happiness

I am a she-wolf… hear my cries through the nights
Howls of pain that bounce back from four walls and heavy chains
Struggle and despair is my existence
I am she-wolf hear my lonely howl…