Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Impatient I stand:

Impatient I stand
my head shakes back and forth to this tune
yet my heart is still
with no release
I wait for the moment
when u declare those words
so that u may free me from my self-inflicted void
I cant tell u what lies past this door
but I know for sure that you're meant to be mine
and beyond that
life is a foggy road that I cannot see clearly
but take my hand
and you and I will find the way
As I wait for that moment in time
when u free me from my loneliness
As u declare those words
And take me as yours
forever in time in place
within this dimension and others
I will belong to you
with god as our witness
the long road stretches before us
with uncertainties and bends and forks in the road
i freely and gladly plunge into this life and beyond
for to me with you on my side
this road is flourished with pretty flowers
and the breeze smells of the sea and adventure
with a smile on my face and pretty thoughts in my head
I impatiently stand and wait
for u.....

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