Sunday, November 21, 2010


In this heart of mine pain and love co-exist
twisted together like a deformed pretzel
like identical twins they play together
they fight...and laugh
they share memories
and space in my heart
an ever-lasting love-affair
they fight under-covers
and whisper enduring words...

anguish and joy
love and hate
peace and confusion
lust and love
like polar opposites
u and i exist
like the sun and the moon
we orbit
the same planet
over and over again
i never grow restless of our
endless dance
we fight
we love
tears harvest and grow
a field of happiness
it reaps joy
and satisfaction
ur animosity
ur anger
ur fears
ur loneliness
ur flaws
ur essence
the sun to my world
u make the trees in my heart grow
like global-warming
u burn
bits and pieces of me
love and growth
pain and despair
sadness and sorrow
horror and death
an eternal cycle
our own ying and yang
bonnie and clyde
Ike and Tina
Romeo and Juliet
Tristan and Isolde
Liban and Dalmar
we are our own star-crossed lovers
we dance our eternal dance
until like a supernova
we burn and crash
like giant balls of flames
we ignite the world alight
and when the night sets
darkness falls
death takes all
so like all things i wait
for the moment in time
suspended in time forever
i wait
till u can be mine
like little children we will dance
and play
and laugh
where no pain exists
where hate
and anger
and pain
and sorrow
and despair
only exist
in memorries
lost to a world unknown

to a place...
where we dwell
like little children
our eternal
resting place

u and I will meet
and play together forever
in the gardens of Jannah!

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