Sunday, November 21, 2010

Her name was Dalmar Farah

His name was Libaan Omar
A son of a prominent Somali King
He was descended from black royalty,
The souls of black proud warriors and regal Somali queens
A single tear falls on his face as the cold earth comforts his dying body
As death approaches...his mind rushes to her face
An aching emptiness lies within him...
A long life lived with dignity and strength; his only thought was of her…

A single tear welcomes death
As my soul leaves my body, I smile preparing myself to meet my lord
My tears wet the soil around me as my heart begs for her
The pain slowly leaves my body...
As convulsions rock my body, my heart longs to be with her
‘There is no God but Allah’
My soul leaves my body as my time on this earth ends...
I lived a long life...I leave no regrets behind now

Her name was Dalmar Farah
Her skin was like melting ebony chocolate
Her cheekbones were chiselled into his mind....
She was a camel-herder’s daughter...her ebony skin shined as a beacon on dark nights
Her days were spent in the fields...her nights were spent in thoughts of him

My blood flows with the souls of humble farmers
Camel herders who spent their lives on these same green fields
God blessed me today with the warmth of the sun and the companionship of my camels
As I take a deep breath of the fresh air from the Indian Ocean…
My heart expands with love for him
After years of waiting, God will finally reunite us
Tonight my Somali prince waits for me
A warm breeze wafts on my face as I remember moments,
Moments that spill into oceans deep

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