Sunday, November 21, 2010

So let go

so let go
of all the pain
the heart ache
the tears
and the way it hurts
so let go
of days gone
of love lost
the time when u were five
and he hurt you so
let go of words that burn
souls that spill
into rivers of pain
the damned that
pull you towards
so let go
of love lost
and never found
of rain that falls
and tears that you cry
so let go
of that time when she
tried to take you away from him
from field of flowers that grow
from despair
joy that is never found
so let go
so let go
of that day in may
when you were left alone
scared and tired
the anguish that burns
through your body
let go
of days gone by
and that time you tried to fly
and as I try
to get you to understand
to let go
and though rivers flow
and the rain falls
so heartache and pain exist
and i love you so
so let go.....

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