Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Sweet Melody of Somalia

The Sweet Melody of Somalia...
in its beauty there is darkness
a story untold
a haunting
A twisted memory of happiness and joy
Share space with dry tears and sadness
The loneliness
The grief of a homeland forgotten

Once a jewel
a pearl of shimmering beauty
it laid bare for life to
for happiness to flourish
it was laughter
an image of

it played a cruel joke
twisted frames show
the shift of space
happiness morphs
those blissful images into
grief stricken souls that
shattered lay displaced
scattered with the wind
in lands so far
i hear dry tears
and jaded hearts that quietly mourn
times of old
times of joy
that lay in written moments
the laughter in words
can be found in books of old
in the memories of the old
who speak
their Gabay reflects
what has come to pass

but my heart shrivels
those memories
those moments
burn my joy
tears that fall
and moments unfulfilled
as I lay bitter in anguish
as I was left behind
never being able to smell the salty air
the waves that beat against
the shore that has stolen
my heart for days
my soul yearns for thee
o painful moments that remind me of
a place whose sweet melody
I can only hear in my heart
never fully actualized because
my home
is burned
tossed aside
unloved by many
but cherished by some
whose unfulfilled dreams
speak of only one place
a land engulfed in misery
frozen in a stand still
it lays....
with stories untold
and laughter not shared
because its heart bleeds.